1. That Magic Moment

    Date 22 Nov 2014
    One of the freedoms of digital photography is in the sheer number of photos you can take. Memory cards have become cheaper, so now instead of a 1GB card, I have a 16 or 32GB card in my camera. So it was no surprise, when I was asked to photograph…

  2. What I like best [about anything] is taking pictures

    Date 04 Nov 2014
    Over the past few years, I have had the privilege of working with Aquila Tours, managing shore excursions for cruise ships visiting Saint John. Although I have enjoyed this work - not to mention the fantastic team - it has become increasingly clear that what I like best about the…

  3. Exploring a historic church

    Date 24 Jul 2014
    One of the loveliest days I have had so far this summer was spent visiting a friend on the Kingston Peninsula. I arrived in the morning, and while we chatted, I gazed out at her beautiful view across the St. John River. As we watched, the morning fog and light…

  4. Being there is 50%

    Date 17 Jul 2014
    I’m an ideas person; I have little difficulty coming up with concepts for images I would like to make. I see potential photographs all the time. But too many times, I’m just not ready for them. The way I see it, good ideas are only worth 25%, technical execution –…

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